BASF Antwerp ready for ‘the war for talent’

Lemento developed a new employer branding strategy for BASF Antwerp. For good reason: more than 50% of BASF’s vacancies are shortage professions. Lemento therefore had to create a differentiating Employer Value Proposition or EVP. Why should candidates choose for BASF? What makes BASF unique? And how can this be translated into a creative communication campaign?

Strong branding needs to be done inside-out. So we engaged as many employees as we could into our project. We organised management interviews, new-joiner surveys and cross-company EVP workshops as part of our analysis. We also performed market research to investigate the needs of potential candidates for BASF’s shortage professions.

All our research findings served as the ingredients for a strong EVP and a set of messages tailored for specific target audiences. With these, BASF Antwerp is now fully equipped in the ‘war for talent’.



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