Integrated marketing communication

Integrated marketing communication is very similar to the corporate branding concept used by Lemento. It means that companies align their marketing communication tools in order to bring across a clear, consistent, credible and competitive message regarding their products and enterprise.


Integrated marketing communications framework

Lemento uses an integrated marketing communication framework that contains the following elements:

  • marketing strategy
  • positioning
  • communication plan:
    1. Identify target group(s)
    2. Determine communication goals
    3. Develop the main message
    4. Choose the communication tools
    5. Determine the budget
  • Execute marketing communications strategy
  • Evaluate marketing communications strategy

Marketing communications model


Why is Integrated marketing communication a must?

The main issue is that, in many companies, the responsibility for the different components is dispersed over different departments. On top of this, these departments often work with different agencies. Imagine the following scenario: the marketing department launches a new image campaign to put the spotlights on prestige as a brand value. At the exact same moment the sales department starts a serious reduction action through individual sales. Obviously both actions contradict. This can be prevented through an integrated approach.


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