Corporate communication

Corporate communication : definition

Corporate communication is a general term that refers to the three main areas of communication:

  • Management communication
  • Marketing communication
  • Institutional communication

Management communication

Management communication is literally the communication by managers. Managers are leaders in all levels of a company or organisation. Managing is planning, organising, leading and checking. For each of these steps, it is of crucial importance that employees are implicitly or explicitly informed on the strategy that was or will be used and the goal in mind.


Marketing communication

Marketing communication and corporate communication are often seen separately because marketing communication is about brands at product and service level. We can distinguish “above the line” and “below the line” marketing communication. Above refers to print, tv and radio (adverts). Below refers to direct mail, sales promotion, sponsoring,…


Institutional communication

Institutional communication is a collective term for a number of disciplines and we consider it to be corporate communication in stricto sensu. It concerns communication with different target groups: public relations (press), public affairs (authorities), investor relations (investors), job market communication (future employees), corporate advertising (all stakeholders), environmental communication (authorities and society) and internal communication (employees).


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