Corporate branding

Corporate branding: definition

Corporate branding is using your company name as a mark in all communication towards stakeholders. This as opposed to product branding where only products are being promoted to consumers.


Why corporate branding

A strong image cannot be imitated

Society is being dominated by information and speed. Everyone knows everything or at least knows how to get easy access to information. As a result products and services are no longer protected against imitation, being unique is no longer a competitive advantage. As soon as a new product is launched, a competitor puts a similar and cheaper product on the market. A corporate identity is not so easy to copy…

B2B clients too buy subjectively

Subjective, emotional factors are often the deciding factors of a purchase. When the buyer has 3 choices of equal value left, emotion takes over. The company image will then be the decisive factor.


Different levels of corporate branding

  •  Monolithic identity
  •  Endorsed identity
  •  Branded identity

This typology was introduced by Wally Olins and allows us to give a simple explanation on the different corporate branding options.


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