Internal branding

What's in a name? This question is frequently asked, especially when it concerns internal branding. We consider internal branding as the perfect way to get all your employees on the same page. Such an “employee alignment” can be related to several themes. The goal is always to make sure that everyone is heading in the same direction. The reason is simple: employees that don’t go along with what you want as an organisation, pull out. 


Through internal branding, we can assist you in developing communication that influences behaviour, within the following subjects: 

  • Brand ambassador programs: how can we make our employees ambassadors of our organisation? 
  • Living the values: what are the values of our company? 
  • Strategic employee alignment: what is our mission, vision and strategy, and where are we heading?
  • Cultural change: what is the culture today and how do we imagine it in the future?
  • Organisational identification: who are my colleagues in other departments, what role do I have within the entity?
  • Merger & acquisition: how do we assemble different visions and cultures?
  • Change communication: how do we communicate a big change in the organisation?  

Please contact us to informally exchange ideas on this subject. 



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