Everybody Ypres

Ypres is one of the cities of the area called the Westhoek and is situated in the south-west of the Belgian province West Flanders. With its 35.000 citizens it is the 6th largest city of West Flanders. Its nicknames are the Cat City, along with the Peace City. The city is especially known for its rich historic past.




The city of Ypres is more and more aware of the growing competition between cities and municipalities. The city consequently feels the need to develop a city marketing plan that focuses on the following three priorities: tourism, the ecological working and living environment, the economical and socio-cultural development of its own citizens and entrepreneurs. The city brand will reinforce these three priorities.



Strategy and approach

Lemento developed an authentic brand that represents the city's versatility and at the same time respects the past and welcomes the future. The concept is based on the Roman numeral I, referring both to World War I and to the first letter of the city's name in Dutch (Ieper). The brand promise created by Lemento is ‘Everybody Ypres'. This fully reflects the vision that literally everybody (young and old, citizens and tourists, families and companies ...) is welcome in Ypres and that everybody can find something there he or she likes.

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