Imagine the invisble

Xenics was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of IMEC, Europe's largest independent nanoelectronics and nanotechnology research centre. The company has since expanded globally to become a leading developer and manufacturer of infrared detectors and cameras for industrial, scientific, medical, security and space travel applications.

Xenics has evolved from start-up to become one of the most important market players. The company has built up a global sales network and is ready to implement a new marketing strategy. The emphasis of this will primarily be on markets in which Xenics can offer solutions, and as a result will be less on the technology and products. The logical consequence of this re-profiling is corporate re-branding.

Strategy and approach
After a workshop on brand positioning Lemento advised that the spelling of  the brand name should be changed from XenICs to Xenics. The IC stood for Integrated Circuit and is emphasised much less in the new strategy. The baseline was also adapted - from Partnering your Infrared Solution to Infrared Solutions - in order to indicate that Xenics now also offers its own solutions. In the past the chips were often used in solutions from other companies. Lemento is subsequently developing a new visual identity which is expressed in a restyled logo and a new corporate identity, amongst other things. In doing so, special attention has been paid to the studio photography of the cameras and business to business marketing communication. The pay-off is "Imagine the invisible" which is expressed in the new brochures, advertisements, trade stands and the corporate website.

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