University College Plantijn
A high five to the students

University College Plantijn is an Antwerp autonomous provincial institution of higher education and offers a wide range of study programmes to some 3,500 students. The school is the result of a merger between the provincial institutions of higher education in and around Antwerp, and the autonomous Antwerp Higher Institute of SPM (=Scola Paramedicorum).



Rebranding is necessary from a strategic and functional point of view. To be able to face the tough competition between the institutions of higher education, University College Plantijn needs strong positioning as one unit instead of as four campuses or five departments. Furthermore, the old logo does not reflect the desired identity (innovative, dynamic and creative), it does not meet the standards set by the Province and there is no consistent corporate identity.


Strategy and approach

Lemento builds an identity for the University College Plantijn around the high five logo. The sparkling, positively vibrant image perfectly mirrors the University College Plantijn vision and assets. The hand symbolises personality and creativity, an informal hallo, human connection. The five spread fingers refer to the five departments and at the same time represent the wide range of education possibilities and career chances. The warm red and the warm grey emphasize the humane approach and the solidity of the study programmes. At the same time these colours explicitly refer to the corporate identity of the Province of Antwerp. And of course the hand also refers to the city of Antwerp. The identity is visualised in a whole range of corporate identity applications, from correspondence over publications to the website.


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