Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen
Pioneer in Health Care

The University Hospital of Antwerp consists of 38 highly specialized medical services and 573 recognized beds. Annually 25,000 patients are hospitalized and  530,000 patients are welcomed for consultation. To provide their service, UZA counts on the efforts of 2,700 employees. The relation with the University of Antwerp is one of their biggest advantages, allowing a constant interchange of knowledge and experience.



The corporate identity of UZA was in use for several years, but had never officially been embedded in clear and consistent guidelines. For this reason there existed a proliferation of different styles within the organization. UZA needed a strong, recognizable and moreover human brand to place itself on the map as a qualitative and patient-oriented organization where collaboration, international orientation, integrity and quality are key.


Strategy and approach

The existing corporate identity of UZA was reworked to fit the new strategy. Lemento advised to keep the existing logo, but to tune it down. Photography plays a major role in the new identity and therefore needed elaborated guidelines. Lemento took care of the first photo shoots to provide a solid base to start from. Next the new style was translated into a corporate brochure, patient brochures, internal communication brochures, stationary, digital presentations, templates, etc. Lemento also took care of the 2009 annual report, one of the first items publicized with this new identity. The result shows pride, innovation and creativity. It shows where UZA makes a difference from other hospitals.




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