National Pensions Office
A dynamic P and an efficient dot

The National Pensions Office (NPO) is there to inform the public on pensions, to grant employee pensions and to pay out employee and self-employed workers pensions. Headquartered in the Zuidertoren building in Brussels, and employing 1,850 members there and another 550 employees in 15 local offices, this federal public service of social security is helping over 1.7 million Belgians.



The NPO logo no longer reflects the right image for the institution, which was established in 1987. Furthermore, the logo is not being used consistently. And when it is being used, the typography, capitals and colour of the logo vary. This is also the fact with some of the NPO documents circulating. The NPO has chosen the festivities of 20 years of Nationals Office – 40 years of Employee Pensions to make a fresh start.


Strategy and approach

A dynamic P and an efficient dot, that is the essence of the new positioning Lemento develops for the National Pensions Office. Lemento offers strategic advice and creates the logo, the corporate identity and the corporate identity manual to go with it. The main applications are the correspondence set (NPO sends millions of letters a year), the website and several brochures.


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