Monument Chemical
A Strong Personality for Specialty Chemicals


Monument Chemical is a chemical company specializing in toll processing and specialty chemicals. With more than 100 years of history, it is a unique company in the port of Antwerp. Since 2008, Monument Chemical is an independent enterprise with a daughter company Haltermann in Houston,Texas. Together they are a solid tandem that meets the needs of their customers.



After being under the wings of Ascot and Dow Chemical Company for a couple of years, it was time to create their own identity. Monument Chemical possesses extensive in-house expertise offering custom processing for customers. Features such as flexibility, knowledge and ethics are therefore essential. Through the optimization of their own connections they present themselves as an additional supplier on the market of specialty chemicals. Their year-long expertise and flexibility in combination with their contemporary working methods had to be reflected in the new logo.


Strategy and approach

Lemento created a strong logo for Monument Chemical. The colors reflect tradition and vision. The symbol mixes continuity with vigor. With the use of a fresh style, Monument Chemical became a contemporary company that is ready for the future. Besides the brand creation, Lemento also developed stationary, digital communication, gadgets and signage. Recently the logo of daughter company Haltermann was adjusted to Monument Chemical’s new identity. Lemento made a common website for both companies in accordance with the new identity. 


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