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Comeos represents the Belgian commerce and services. Their members are active in 18 sectors and sell to companies or directly to consumers. The sectors represent 11.2% of the gross national product and employ over 400,000 people, which makes commerce & services the largest employers in the private sector. Comeos delivers customized services to its members and is a knowledge and networking platform that wants to stimulate the dynamics of commerce.



The organization was formerly known as Fedis or ‘the Federation of the Distribution Sector’. This name no longer represented what the organization stood for; namely the complete sector of commerce and services. The organization was also largely unknown and its services were not clear to its members. A name change in accordance with a new strategy was necessary to revitalize the image of Fedis. The new corporate identity needed to be a reflection of the strategy and vision and in accordance with the desired image. The development of a positive and proactive communication policy was also necessary in order to position the strong brand in the market.


Strategy and approach

Lemento was asked to give strategic advice and translate this into a creative idea. The result is a new name, baseline, logo, style and communication policy. Through desk research and interviews with the key stakeholders such as journalists, members and future members, we obtained insight into the current image. The results from the analysis gave us a clear image of what was wrong in the current positioning and what had to change in the future. Based on these results Lemento developed a new communication strategy for Comeos, a brand architecture and a new brand positioning summarized in the baseline ‘for commerce and services’. Afterwards Lemento created a new name, a logo and a style. The verbal communication was also revised and adjusted to the new style and positioning. Trainings were set up for all the employees. With the help of workshops and several concrete examples the new verbal style was communicated to the employees. The result? A successful rebranding: a new, strong brand is born!


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