Decide. Develop. Discover.

Bopro is a service provider in the world of property, building and housing. The company provides services in the field of management (project management, property management, facility management and safety coordination) and consultancy (cost consultancy, sustainability consultancy, facility consultancy and building survey). The company has been in existence for 20 years and employs 60 staff, with offices in Mechelen and Ghent.

Bopro has evolved as a company from a pure project manager and integral property service company into an internationally respected building and property consultant. The company has adapted its business unit structure and developed a new long-term vision which focuses on sustainability. This new positioning must be reflected in the brand.

Lemento first develops a brand strategy. We take our input from a workshop with the management, desk research and an association exercise with the employees. On the basis of the new positioning, Lemento then creates the new baseline "Decide. Develop. Discover." This baseline, together with a new logo, becomes the core of the new house style. This style is then used on the stationery, templates, presentations and website. The result is a strong brand for a dynamic, professional organisation.


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