Bell ID
Technology for a smarter world

Bell ID is the world leader concerning software for lifecycle management of tokens or smart cards and accompanying applications (cryptographic keys). From their headquarters in Rotterdam, Bell ID develops software that governs the lifecycle of more than 125 million chips/smart cards in the world. Their secured systems are used by big companies, institutes and governments across the world.



The current style of Bell ID has grown old and inconsistent with the international company Bell ID is today. With offices across Europe and the Middle East, Bell ID has become the world leader in its sector. Both logo and corporate identity should support and propagate this international character.


Strategy and approach

Lemento chose to implement a total corporate rebranding, where it was responsible for strategic brand advice, creation, implementation and brand management. The result of the strategic analysis was that the brand identity of Bell ID should radiate integrity, reliability and performance. The positioning for Bell ID is that of the leader; thus an international image was necessary.

Lemento restyled the logo and therefore gave priority to continuity instead of revolution. It became more rigid and robust, but the colors remained the same. The visual concept was based on smart cards in combination with velocity. It was applied to stationary, documents, brochures, the website and exhibition booths. With ‘Technology for a smarter world’, Bell ID is now ready for a successful future!

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