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Azelis is the leading pan-European speciality chemicals distributor. From their headquarters in Antwerp, they provide a diverse range of products and innovative services to more than 50,000 customers. In their departments in Europe, India and Asia, Azelis employs over 1000 people.

In recent years Azelis has grown organically as well as due to acquisitions. This led to an elaborate company with a diverse personality. Within the concern, companies such as S Black, Kreamer & Martin, and Broste kept their own identity. Unification was necessary. Not only a clear strategy, but also a uniform name and identity for the 37 companies were crucial for reinforcing the brand Azelis.

Strategy and approach
First we established a task force to develop the corporate identity. Lemento interviewed the most important stakeholders and organized an internal workshop. After this thorough analysis we recommended that internally as well as externally there had to be one name and one style in accordance with the new company strategy. The former logo was adjusted and separate matching logos were created for the different International Business Areas. After we organized the brand architecture, we defined the visual and verbal building blocks for the brand. A new baseline was created: ‘Refreshing chemical distribution’. Lemento also designed the stationary, the corporate communication (annual report) and the sales documentation. 

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