A whole World of Belfius Insurance

Belfius Insurance Belgium, part of the bank and insurance group Belfius, is one of the largest players on the market. But over the past 15 years, mergers and a program of considerable expansion resulted in procedures and processes becoming increasingly disjointed. In addition, the banking crisis brought with it a lot of insecurity. Time for a much needed internal audit.


Lemento proposed an innovative and visual internal branding campaign to strengthen the internal brand. Starting point was the interactive city where you can learn about the clients, media, services and products. In a second phase we added internal value flows. At workshops all departments gave input for those ‘Belfius Insurance Tales’. And so Lemento created a whole ‘World of Belfius Insurance’. The visual approach met with a lot of enthusiasm. Following the launch, activities and communication events are planned throughout the year.






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